No Parking - Fire Lane (Right Arrow)

This 12" x 18" Aluminum Sign is made with 0.63" White coated Aluminum. Choose your desired Reflectivity and any mounting hardware you might need.
Road/parking/garage signs are essential for commercial and residential businesses. Choose from White Coated Aluminum, Engineer Grade Reflective, Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective, and Diamond Grade™ Reflective. The reflective finishes are great for night driving and are highly visible. Additionally, these signs feature ⅜” mounting holes at the top and bottom for easy installation to any pole, fence, or wall.
Reflective Type *

Reflective Types

Signage for local businesses, parking lots, construction areas, or roadsides most commonly use Engineer Grade Reflective. Diamond Grade™ or Engineer Grade is the best option for any projects involving High trafficked roads or highways.

Engineer Grade Reflective

  • Standard Reflectivity
  • Private & Non-critical use
  • 5-7 Years
  • ASTM Type I

Engineer Grade Prismatic

  • High Reflectivity
  • Road & Highway
  • 7 Years
  • ASTM Type I

Diamond Grade™ Prismatic

  • Superior Reflectivity
  • Road & Highway
  • 10 Years +
  • ASTM Type XI

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